Connor Lanigan

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About me

I live in Berlin, and I work as a Software Engineer with a great team at AWS on the Cloudscape Design System.


If you want to want to get in touch, say hello, or just tell me your favourite joke, you can reach me via email at


Live data set: All domains that use SSL

Search interfaceData set download

An automatically updated list of all domains that are registered on the internet and use SSL, with a web interface to search through them.

The list currently contains about 202 million domains, which is 58% of all registered internet domains. (source) 

The tool continuously collects domain names by watching the issuance of TLS certificates through the Certificate Transparency Logs and extracting the domain names from them. Once a day, the tool exports the current list from its database and publishes this data set as a publicly available static text file.

Cloudscape - the AWS Design System


The Cloudscape Design System powers the AWS Management Console, and is open-source. It consists of guidelines for human interfaces, and a library of React components to implement them.

As part of my work at AWS, I contribute to Cloudscape by architecting, implementing and testing these React components, as well as supporting developers and designers in using it to build pleasant user interfaces.

Ambient Display Auto Toggle for Android

App downloadSource code

An Android app that turns off Ambient Display (also called "Always On Display") while the device is charging, so that it doesn't light up the room at night.

Password generator

Web applicationSource code

This minimal website generates random strings of text, which you can use as passwords, API keys or other secret values.

The generation happens locally in your browser using the built-in cryptographic APIs, and the generated passwords never leave the browser.

Pull request dashboard for GitHub

Web applicationSource code

This dashboard shows you a list of the organisations and teams that you have access to on GitHub, and a list of the open pull requests in the repositories of each of these organisations and teams.

It queries the GitHub API directly from your browser. Your personal access token is stored only in your browser's local storage.